What is Theodore SC’s place in La Tricoterie?
The project generally known as "La Tricoterie" comprises two structures. On the one hand, Théodore SC (cooperative society) owns the buildings and is in charge of the events and HoReCa component of the project. On the other hand, La Tricoterie ASBL (non-profit association) is in charge of the socio-cultural aspect of the project.

How much does a share cost, and how many shares can I buy?

Each share issued as part of the January 2021 offer costs €230. This amount is calculated on the basis of the value of the building and equipment, without taking into account the value of Theodore SC’s economic activity. This allows us to be prudent and not to take the risk of overvaluing the shares, particularly in the current context.
A fixed amount of €5 per subscriber must be paid when subscribing for shares. This amount does not depend on the number of shares subscribed for and corresponds to the registration fee of the cooperator on the www.estox.be platform, on which Theodore SC’s electronic share register is kept.

How to buy shares and become a cooperator?
To buy shares and become a cooperator, you must complete this form. You will receive the payment instructions by e-mail. The Extraordinary General Meeting of 31 March 2021 will decide on a possible agreement.

How much money do we hope to raise with the fundraising?

Our objective is to raise €500,000 in contributions, and we limit the fundraising to a maximum of €600,000.

What is an action?

A share represents economic and decision-making rights in a company. It is acquired in return for a contribution, which represents a risky investment. By buying one or more shares, you therefore become a shareholder of Théodore SC. Since it is a cooperative company, you become a "cooperator".

What will the money invested be used for?
The amount raised through this fund-raising campaign will be used to finance the purchase of equipment and the development of new spaces: 160-seat auditorium, rehearsal room, new terrace, green roofs, sanitary facilities and facilities for people with reduced mobility.
These new spaces will enable Théodore SC to increase its event activity (notably with a space adapted for seminars, conferences, etc.), but also the socio-cultural activity of La Tricoterie ASBL (the auditorium will be able to host more theatre performances, film screenings, etc.).

What are the risks associated with this investment?
Like any financial investment, the purchase of shares in Théodore SC involves several risks. The main risks that we identify are set out in more detail in the information note.

What voting rights do I have if I buy shares?
As a cooperator, you will be invited to participate in the general meetings of Theodore SC. The voting principle is that 1 share equals 1 vote for the D shares that will be issued as part of this fundraising campaign.

What is the season of the co-operators?
We invite you to find it out in this article.

After subscribing for shares, can I leave the cooperative and retrieve my investment, and if so, how?

You can signify that you wish to resign from the cooperative within the first six months of each fiscal year. A request for resignation or withdrawal of shares made during the last six months of the financial year does not take effect until the following financial year. The resignation takes effect on the last day of the sixth month of the financial year.
In the event of resignation, you will recover the money you have invested in the shares of Theodore SC, but the amount recovered may not exceed the amount of the net asset value of the shares as shown in the last approved annual accounts. Payment will be made within 15 days of the approval of the accounts. If you have acquired D shares for an amount of more than €20,000, payment will be made in annual instalments of up to €20,000, each instalment becoming due on the fifteenth day following the approval of the accounts for the preceding financial year.
In the event of resignation, however, you will not receive dividends, unless the general meeting decides otherwise.

What is the state of the shareholder base today?

Prior to the fund raising, Théodore SC was owned by 49 cooperators, holding a total of 6489 shares representing a contribution of €624,223. Only four cooperators own more than 5% of these shares.

This document is not a prospectus and has not been audited or approved by the Financial Services and Market Authority. People who, after having read the information contained in the information note, would like to obtain an informed opinion on the attitude to adopt with respect to this Offer, are invited to contact their usual financial and tax advisors. The subscription presents a certain degree of risk. There is no guarantee that the amount invested will be recovered. All risk factors are described in the Information note of 18 January 2021.