The cooperators’ programming

La Tricoterie has always been a collective adventure. Our will is now to open up more our cooperative and, at the same time, to involve the cooperators in the life of the place.

In this way, we hope to have a larger number of cooperators, to create a community that will be supporters but above all actors of "their space".
In this spirit, we wish to reinforce the participation of the cooperators by associating them to certain choices of our socio-cultural program. Of course, this participatory process implies logistics that we must be able to integrate into our current functioning.

Today, our programming committee analyses proposals from the outside, programmes and initiates "self-productions". As of next season, we would like to set up a series of activities whose content will be oriented (or determined) by the vote of the cooperators. It is our non-profit organization "La Tricoterie" which will thus ask the cooperators, via a voting system, to choose between several alternatives. These choices may relate to the content of a workshop, a theme, a technique or even a cycle of screenings, concerts, debates, literature encounters, etc. The idea is to involve the co-operators during an informal and festive evening, where presentations of possibilities and activities will be submitted, before a vote is set up where one person equals one vote, regardless of the number of shares subscribed.

The proportion of what will be submitted is still to be determined and will depend on the nature of the activities. Our will is sincere and we will do our utmost to find systems that are operational, but we will have to make adjustments over the years because this participatory programming system is innovative and experimental. Nevertheless, La Tricoterie will thus be the "first cultural and cooperative place" which will determine part of its season in a participatory way.